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How DronaX Works

How DronaX Works

DronaX: What It Serves?

Being a global Academia-Corporate platform to meet your requirements, DronaX, "The Tutors Point", Provides facilities for you to:-

  • A global platform for Teachers, Tutors and Trainers.
  • A global platform for varies Courses, Workshops and Activities.
  • A global platform for Globalizing / Fulfilling / Selling your institutional services.

How DronaX Works?

  • Create the profile for Trainers, Tutors and Institutions.
  • Students can create their profile to get service and post respective learning needs.
  • Connect Students / Parents with the relevant Teachers / Tutors in the expected area, functional in varied mode of communication(Online/Offline) .
  • A platform where Trainers, Teachers can post their Classroom / Courses / Workshops and Online academic activities.
  • DronaX: A lead generating organization for institution for varied Courses and Activities.