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In this highly competitive arena, the organizational productivity and efficiency characterizes the institutional growth, exposure, internal resource maintenance and its optimistic development scopes. The resource management and optimized utilization causes the improvement in overall organizational productivity and in this era of Information Technology, this objective could be facilitated by employing certain highly specific and effective institutional automation systems. Considering the requirement of such systems, Eduplexus do provides highly optimized and advanced software applications that could manage the overall institutional activities and automates the dominant internal activities.

Eduplexus is coming up with world class, highly optimized and secured software application that could fulfill every aspects of Institutional Automation and would prove itself as the best solution for mentioned provisions.

"We automate you to achieve your expectations…"

  • Unique dashboard
  • Users Management system
  • Human Resources
  • Student details
  • Campus Placement
  • Finance
  • Admission
  • Timetable
  • News/Event management
  • Calendar
  • Attendance
  • Examinations
  • Messages facility
Unique dashboard
  • Embedded with highly attractive and Iconic Control panel
  • Optimized user interface for extracting information without any mammoth task and complexity
  • Highly efficient and user-friendly navigation design that makes it easy to operate even for those having basic knowledge of computer system and operating skills
  • Centralized Search option
  • Attractive and effective layout plan for users
  • Latest News and Events displays on dashboard section

User management system
  • Search bar based simple details exploration system for users allied with organization
  • View/Edit/Remove users password and privileges
  • Define privileges to allied users as per their roles and responsibility

Human Resources
  • Manage the entire database of teachers, authority and students
  • Manage database for all employees from admission to exit
  • Customizable admission form and profiling for candidates
  • Manage entire payroll efficiently with higher user comfort and feasibility
  • Customizable and robust payroll form
  • User request defined activities with automatic reply and responses
  • Well-organized application submission form for leave, request etc can be facilitated
  • Highly optimized and short key based pay-slip authorization system and financial transaction status availability
  • Pay slip verification, rejection with solution
  • Search facility for allied terminologies

Student details
  • A highly effective and simple platform for extracting details of students based on personal details or profile documented activities and individual history
  • Normal student view facility based on batches, section, specialization, achievement and current performance
  • Effective search options for exploring details of existing as well as previous students
  • Detail exploration based on numerous filtering

Campus Placement
  • Can manage entire activity related to placement
  • New on/off campus placement activity news
  • List of all the placed students
  • List of placed students can be managed according to company/package/department
  • Online examination for the placement related activity
  • Study material for the general aptitude test and discussion forum for the same
  • Mock interview sessions can be uploaded

  • Highly optimized and efficient platform for fee collection system for specific requirements
  • Fee categorization panel as per requirement
  • Optimized fee collection system for productive and effective collection and management
  • Database based exploration system for finding defaulters and database for financial status
  • Highly effective system for fee submission
  • Supervise and manage the Pay instantaneously
  • Managing and monitoring the whole organizational financial transactions like income and expenses
  • Database management for financial transactions for various departments
  • Daily base report generation
  • Management facilities for financial transaction for various departments and for different means of expenses

  • Prior information about Admission activities with individual section
  • All details display section as per institutional standards and requirements
  • Candidate registration section with optimistic steps and schedule details
  • Distinctive user ID for all administration /candidates/students
  • Well designed comprehensive admission form
  • Candidate database collection section with all possible feasibilities
  • Document digitization section with user friendly options
  • Admission approval or status display section for registered candidates
  • Contact details section
  • Efficient and easy for customization as per requirement of institutions
  • Photo upload facility
  • Online fee submission system

  • A highly effective and customizable structure for updating Timetables
  • Drag and drop based timetable design
  • Timetable details/updation with related faculty in particular hour
  • Access to Administration for individual present location/work
  • Work status presentation Prior estimation and accomplishment of task
  • Details of individual task and achievement in every weak
  • Pre-defined Timetable creation in advance for working days and its updation as per authority
  • Edit/Add/Delete options for timetable facility

News/Event management
  • Create/Add/Edit/Delete news
  • Different filters based news extraction section
  • Search for any news using search bar
  • Publish News section for different domains and details available from Eduplexus
  • Published news and events Globally as well as confined or restricted display for Institute only
  • Inquiry facility with comment available
  • Different filters section for specific news and activities for defined region
  • View All Events and news facility on single platform
  • List of all the recent activities and events to be followed up in the college
  • Events list with full description
  • Different workshops and seminars can also be listed with full description, the fee details and the organizers of the event
  • Reminders for the events can be created
  • Online fee submission for the event if there is any

  • Consisting of the list of events, examination, holidays and other activities
  • Highly effective presentations of different activities
  • User friendly approach for browsing and extracting information in Calendar
  • Separate calendars for students and faculties
  • Time-table for both faculties and students can be uploaded

  • Highly optimized and efficient attendance marking system for Faculty/students
  • Easy marking of attendance
  • Notification messages can be provided on Front panel
  • Attendance report can be generated based on various filtering approaches and parameters

  • Organize various examinations for different branches, specializations and candidate profiling based on Grades, marks etc (It would be the joint operation between Eduplexus and Institutions)
  • Group exams if required
  • Online exams services with a joint operation between Eduplexus and Institutions
  • Extensive Report center: A sole responsibility of Eduplexus
  • Generate report for required exams : A sole responsibility of Eduplexus
  • Statistical and Graphical view of all reports : A sole responsibility of Eduplexus
  • Automated, quick and on demand report exploration and generation from database centre
  • Well presented Statistical and chart reports with highly optimized r analytical observation
  • GPA, CCE and CWA Evaluation methods

Messages facility
  • Highly efficient messaging facility for organizational members
  • Prior information with regular interaction could be facilitated
  • Centralized Messaging panel for administration
  • Highly organized approach for communication among administration, parents, teachers and students
  • Database collection and recording of communication made by individuals (Students)
  • On single platform communication between allied bodies in institution
  • Transport Management
  • Security management system
  • Hostel
  • Feedback and Complaint
  • Store Manager
  • Profile creation
  • Blog Services
  • Collaborate
  • Discussion Forum
  • Galleria
  • Data Extraction
  • Online Fee Management
  • Settings
  • Mobile version
  • Assignment
  • Library
  • Faculty can give assignments/ projects
  • Students can submit their assignment online
  • Faculty can review the assignment and can give the feedback online
  • And discussion on the assignments can be made online
  • Faculties can upload any document/notes related to the discussion/assignment

  • Database administration for Books, magazine and digital content
  • Browse facilities for available books based on various filters (Subject, Author, Publication, Title)
  • Drop down based Book categorization and selection system
  • Database extraction for View/Edit/Delete/Add facilities
  • Add books, magazine or study materials like CDs, DVDs, Software with custom tag facility
  • Details of Books with relevant information and accuracy
  • Book issue and return management
  • Preliminary setting facilities for books availability
  • Book availability Updation
  • Notification services for Book fines and refundable charges
  • Online order for Books, magazine, software, and digital content from Eduplexus platform (

Transport Management
  • Transport network of the college buses can be fed
  • Total number of stoppages and the time duration of the journey is displayed
  • Vehicle details with numbers are displayed
  • Transportation fee for each stoppage is displayed
  • Facility to track each vehicle

Security management system
  • Highly robust, secure and integrated management system for visitors and daily activities
  • Highly efficient security management system for integrated communications between administration, reception and premise entrances
  • Integrated visitor as well as vehicle management system to ensure the security of premises

  • User ID or authentication for Administration
  • Student’s management facilities in hostel
  • Filter sections for various things
  • Students database management system
  • Room availability and occupancy details
  • Add/Delete/Edit/View section for various hostels and rooms
  • Database for hostel fee collection
  • Online Fee submission and verification syste
  • Infrastructure management system
  • Confidential or secured Feedback system for individuals
Feedback and Complaint
  • A discipline committee
  • Anyone can register their complaint
  • Anyone can view and give suggestion on the complaint
  • Committee will take the final decision on the complaint

Store Manager
  • Different categories based on the purpose can be created
  • Category wise store items can be managed
  • Different supplier for different categories can be managed
  • Purchase order and delivery status can be managed
  • History of all the previous purchased and the supplied goods

Profile creation
  • Different profile for all the students can be created
  • Profile of all the faculties can be created
  • All the recent activities of students and faculties can be imported
  • Profile contains all the data related to personnel
  • Single click navigation through the profiles
Blog Services
  • Registration facility for Bloggers
  • Login based Blog creation
  • Blog View facility for all
  • Classification of Blogs based on nature
  • Filter based search facilities of Blogs created
  • Privilege for commenting and rating of blogs (Only for registered users)
  • Monitor and manage Bloggers and Blog content

  • Can collaborate with any other institutions or organizations
  • Can acquire guest faculties
  • Online classes/lectures of the guest faculties
  • Groups for different sessions can be created
  • Invitations can be sent to students to join a particular session
  • Audio clips of the lectures can be shared
  • Discussion/group chat facility for a particular session
  • Queries can be asked during the live session by a single click

Discussion Forum
  • Discussion forums can be created
  • Students can be in interaction even after the college hours
  • Students can post their queries regarding academic or any other problems
  • Anyone can view the forums and can comment or give suggestion to any discussion
  • Admin can create different groups for different departments and a general query group
  • Admin can itself create any discussion.
  • Different sections for photographs can be created
  • Anyone can upload picture related to that group and after the approval of the admin picture can be displayed
  • One can comment on the specific picture
  • Videos related to studies and different activities can be uploaded

Online Fee Management
  • Different categories for the fee submission
  • Can submit college fee or the fee of any event going to be organized in the college
  • An online receipt is generated for the confirmation of the submission of fee

Data Extraction
  • Faculty can extract all the data related to a student
  • Can extract the educational details
  • Can extract the daily attendance sheet
  • Librarian can extract the book details of library
  • Store manager can extract the details the store
Settings management
  • Setting for fundamental information about institutions can be provided
  • Selection for language can be provided
  • Basic factors and fundamental configurations like country, currency, time zone, etc can be set and updated
  • Numerous setting features for other activities and functional panels
  • Setting facility for all domains, facilities, operational modules with specific privileges
  • Supplementary settings like enabling grading system as per school requirements, automatic unique ID for all the users, privileges and accessibility confinement
  • Supervising the batches and courses
  • Activation and deactivation of SMS modules
  • Confining the span and usability of SMSs modules
  • Manage student categories
  • Assign teacher or faculty for specific classes, batches and sections
  • Permitting the activity report to approach to the respective persons in organization and save/delete/feedback option for those activities

Mobile Version
  • Mobile version of the application can be downloaded for different mobile platforms
  • Students can view the events and the list of holidays and other activities
  • Can participate in any discussion or polls
  • It is just the replica of the original software
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