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NASSCOM Big Data & Analytics Summit 2015

Calender 25 Jun 2015 - 26 Jun 2015
Clock 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Location Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC), Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh


This Summit - amongst NASSCOM’s annual events - brings together industry professionals, companies and individuals from the field of Big Data and Analytics. We recognize that this core sector in business and technology is currently the big wave. Besides being a key focus area, arguably, in future, this alone is likely to be the differentiator between successful organizations. Each year the summit is attended by 500+ professionals from across the country. With 35+ speakers from around the world, this is an event which is a must attend.

The digital age is witnessing an explosion of data. A study shows that 90% of the data creation has happened in the last two years. This data proliferation is led largely by technology changes, social media through which customers have ‘found their voice’, regulation, and the need for understanding the customer better. The velocity of data revolution is only going to increase further. What does it mean for the businesses?

On an average, US corporations in the S&P 500 in 1958 remained in the index for 61 years and by 2011 that average had drastically dropped to 18 years. In short, the fast-paced and powerful, digital disruption is changing the way we live, work, and do business.

For any organization to successfully leverage analytics, it’s important to not only manage the technical challenges of managing Big Data technologies but more important to embed Data-driven decision making across the enterprise. Business leaders need to cross the “chasm” from simply being tech-oriented or using analytics in silos to using Big Data and Analytics strategically by incorporating it in decision-making across the enterprise. With these challenges in mind, the 3rd NASSCOM Big Data and Analytics Summit to be held on 26th June, 2015 has crafted the theme “Data-Driven Decisions -The Next Frontier”.

The availability of enormous data, ability to draw insights, and a culture to make data-driven decisions presents immense opportunities across all verticals, for strategic value creation and to disrupt the business landscape. For e.g.

  • The Banking and Financial system works on the dictum to drive revenue, control costs, or to mitigate risks. Finding better ways of monitoring the quality of financial assets and interacting more transparently with industry regulators can only be done through Big Data and Analytic
  • The Healthcare industry is challenged by increasing cost, quality and access to healthcare. Big data and analytics has the potential to unlock and apply insights from the large volumes of data and diversity of data to improve care, save lives and lower costs.
  • The Retail sector is moving to a multi-channel delivery model and the digital-literate customers search, research, compare, buy, and obtain support online, before making an informed choice.
  • Governments around the world face many social and economic challenges, big data levers, such as increasing transparency and applying advanced analytics, help government in boosting productivity and achieving higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness

This years’ summit will cover these challenges, opportunities and will show the strategic road map for the future.

Participants Can Expect:

  • Exposure to the newest thinking on the use of Big Data and Analytics as an aid in business strategy
  • Case studies of analytics extending beyond the traditional domains of big data and analytics
  • Insightful panel discussions on issues facing the industry in India and strategies to help India sustain its leadership position in analytics
  • Social events for networking

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Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC), Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Kondapur, Izzat Nagar, Kothaguda

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*This Event is Closed

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