Who we are ?
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Eduplexus introduces itself as the World’s first and the best Academia-Corporate Platform that facilitates an array of services for Educational as well as Corporate needs on a single platform, while ensuring optimal Quality of Service. Getting established in 2012, in the silicon valley of India, Bangalore, Eduplexus serves global Academia-Corporate market with its centralized web platform http://www.eduplexus.com with an objective to serve A to Z services for your all requirements ranging from a Kids need till, to your career path shaping and transforming your potential to a recognized personality across global human sphere.

Eduplexus serves major industries encompassing, institutions, colleges, universities, corporate, open customers for educational and career oriented requirements etc for its respective needs and supports. We at Eduplexus, serve you to provide your present requirements, shaping your path to have a lucid and successful future and supporting you to enrich your potential as well as future prospects.

Eduplexus serves Global Academia-Corporate Needs, with the following subsidiaries or system models. These Eduplexus’s models serve individually to meet all of your requirements on a single platform so as to eliminate the complexity to explore across cloud to meet your need. Thus, Eduplexus, a centralized, and Single Point Platform serve you to get your requirements fulfilled on http://www.eduplexus.com

Eduplexus Serves Global Academia-Corporate needs, with its nine web platforms. These unique platforms with its authenticated functional characteristics and technically enriched operations are as follows:

  • UniExplora: Online Event Search, Registration, Event Management And Ticketing, classifieds and branding of Individual, companies or institutions
  • Dronax: Online Platform for "Search Tutors, Online Classes or Courses, students needs, classifieds and branding of companies or institutions"
  • Institutions: Micro-site provisioning, Institutional activity management and support, Software assistance and activity partner for all allied needs.
  • EduMegaMart: Distance Education Platform with Enhanced Unique Learning Management System facility, Online courses, assessment and many more.
  • MakeMySell: Free Classifieds for Online Sell and Buy, Global Market place
  • Stark Technovision: Academic Research, Technical Writing & Publication support for Researchers, Research Guidance and coordination.
  • EduJobs: Resume Post, Search and Apply for Jobs, HR resource provisioning and Global profiling of candidates across global corporate
  • EduZx: Online Examinations, Global resource Profiling and corporate sharing to enhance institutional placement records and performance, Online assessment for varied entrance and competitive examinations.
  • EduCentral: Ask Questions, Get Response ( A researchers cafe)
  • Micro site provisioning for Institutions, Universities, Online Admission and management for Distance education
  • Cloud based Centralized Learning management System
  • Many More.....
Our Mission

"To facilitate a globally reachable, transparent and authenticated Academia-corporate platform to provide Global Academia-Corporate needs on a Single Centralized Platform".

Our Vision

"Our vision is to provide the world best global platform and service provisioning facility for Educational and associated Corporate needs with an objective to serve global customers, QoS and a trustworthy platform to meet their all needs without threat, insecurity and overheads".We care for your Health, Wealth and Success…

Why Eduplexus?
  • World’s first Centralized platform to serve A to Z Academia-Corporate needs.
  • World’s first web platform that serves every social and professional segments on one platform.
  • The first web platform that insures optimal quality , followed by quantity, not vice versa.
  • A single technically enriched platform, dedicated to serve every service segments for educational and associated corporate requirements
  • A Global web-platform that grabs attention from varied industries segments, and gigantic viewers for their respective needs on a single platform.
  • A single platform, for which your success and satisfaction comes first.
  • Eduplexus promises to lead you towards zenith without compromising with your intellectual and quality expectations.
  • Eduplexus always targets to monitor and deliver your requirements with optimized Quality of service and solutions.