About Us

Stark Technovision : An Academic Research Support Platform for PhD Scholars and Masters.

Stark Technovision, a service component of Eduplexu, Bangalore (India), introduces itself as a value-oriented research consulting organization providing services towards Innovation, Optimization, Thesis support, Research guidance, Training, Skill development. Its unique service delivery model with globally acknowledged quality makes it the world-leader to serve academia in the form of academic consultancy, research support and development-cycle.

  • Stark Technovision provides a QoS enriched research consultation, research guidanc, assistance and varied supports to the academia for thier doctoral (PhD) and post-doctral studies.
  • Being a Global Academia-Corporate platform, the quality enriched resources of Stark Technovision understands the current research, innovation and industrial needs. Consequently, it motivates the organization to improve at hand educational deliveries and mitigates current limitations to make NextGen resources more knowledged, confident and prepared to address future challanges and allied socio-economic demands. In sync with these goals, Stark Technovision guides varied research programs with challenging research scope to energized and enthusiastic scholars to make their career more successful and flourishing.
  • Stark Technovision provides varied research oriented services and technical writing supports, where the quality services and optimal knowledge transfer is monitored and often supervised by highly experienced business leaders and subject matter experts who aim to ensures optimal QoS provision with strictly no ethical violation and compromise to the educational ethics and value-to-the-system.
  • The predominant services under deliverables are conducting research, research motivations, project implementation and guaranteed knowledge enrichment oriented system enhancement which is followed by research outlining, drafting and rewriting thesis / dissertation that makes your research enriched with impressive quality and charismatic attraction for further consideration and thus successive paths.
  • The service models emphasize on quality optimization and the monitoring bodies of Eduplexus ensures every activities optimal knowledge transfer, enriched service delivery and educational quality enhancement without compromising with expected needs of THE EDUCATION.
  • Stark Technovision is running under the leadership of multiple highly experienced and eminent technocrats, subject matter experts and entrepreneurs who prefer to lead it with enriched quality and values while guaranteeing researcher's success story. We beleive that the customer's satisfaction as its ultimate achievement.