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Writing an introductory part is highly necessiated for a research document like thesis to acquaint the reader about the purpose of the study and the scope of it. A precisely written content has the potential to provide the insights over the research study and would generate interest to go through the rest of the sections. Hence, the concern is how to create the requisite content in this respect. To ensure the introduction accentuates with the thesis, the content for it must comprise of the following attributes such as:

  • Research Background
  • Contextual framework
  • Theoretical framework
  • Research Motivation
  • Aims and Objective of the research
  • Proposed Research
  • Problem Definition/Formulation
  • Brief of the Research Methodology
  • Research Scope and Contributions
  • Thesis Outline.

Contributing these things is one of the prominent issues felt among the research students. To deal with the write-up for introductory section, we provide the assistance to develop it in terms of:

  • Logical structure
  • Highlighting the issues in brief
  • Why the need of research study is sought for
  • The investigative aspect
  • Field of research study
  • Research question/ objectives
  • Research topic and scope
  • Reasons for research study.

Competing and completing the degree of PhD is a matter of pride. Therefore, the aspirant must be acquainted with some prominent aspects like literature review, research methodology, developing the paper in order to submit. Finally, the preparation for oral defense, i.e. viva voce.

Purpose of Reviewing the Literature

This is the matter of fact that Literature Review is the foundation of any Research to come up with a novel Research Objective. Reviewing the literature is must before initiating the research study. Here, the responsibility is to evaluate the previous research studies critically to ascertain the gap. Thus, the gap in study becomes crucial to investigate. Let’s have a look at the purposes for which literature review is essential:

  • To get the indication of research
  • The research done by others
  • To avoid the replication of the study
  • Identifying the research problem.

However, reviewing the literature is not everybody's cup of tea, especially considering the fact of literature in volume. For reviewing the literature, we assist the needy through a certain procedure involving:

  • To get the theoretical aspects of problem by consulting a general source like Internet Sources, Online digital liberary and data repository and sometimes text-book
  • Reviewing of empirical research
  • Systematic reference of large number of sources
  • Recording of references with bibliographical data accurately
  • Notes for interpreting the findings
  • Locating specific information for specific purpose.

As a result, researcher would aware of research approach which is very significant in getting findings. The acts of reviewing literature assists in narrowing down to the potential research methodology which needs to be adopted.

Challenging aspect of Research Methodology

Research methodology is a ploy to get answer to the hypothetical questions. In terms of Technical Research, it states the way of systamatic Algorithmic implimentation to achieve ultimate Objectives. It provides a direction to execute the study. Formulating the research problem is the first challenge which is attainable through specific methodology. Application of methodology depends on the nature of research problem. Actually, it is a challenge on the part of a researcher in selecting a methodology. There are so many methodologies around; however, broadly those could be categorized as quantitative and qualitative. In case, any individual methodology is not enough to conduct the study, it requires resorting to mixed methodology comprising of both qualitative and quantitative. Let’s focus on the challenging aspect of research methodology like:

  • Determining Technology, Algorithm and Platform for implementation(Technical Research)
  • Determining sample size
  • The way to approach for sampling
  • Time frame and cost
  • Constraints to determine a particular design.

In addition to these challenging issues, there could be more problems or concerns. To deal with all these sorts of issues, our experts provide solution involving:

  • Review of data collection methods
  • Secondary data feeding to the research
  • Primary data depicting the conduction of research, tools used, field work
  • Criteria for sample selection
  • Pilot study, how it was administered and the necessary changes in context to research
  • Methods of analysis, usage of particular software
  • Limitations of the study and ways to overcome.

Thus, it helps the researcher in reaching the research objectives.

What should the Conclusion reflect

The concluding section of thesis involves restating the research study in short with takeaway message in it. When it comes to conclusion, it must reflect:

  • Restatement of the task
  • The major features of the study
  • A brief of evidence.

Even if the paper is written in appropriate; if the conclusion fails to convey the research information again; the developed thesis or research paper is of no value. Hence, to make sure the conclusion content appealing, the endeavor on the part of our experts is to include the following things such as:

  • Caution to the reader if the issue is contemporary
  • Suggestion having certain course of action
  • Important quotation or opinion
  • Mentioning of statistical information or graphics
  • Personal viewpoints if any
  • Take-away message.

With these points around, research information is reconveyed. This is how the research paper is developed.

How to submit PhD Paper

Once the research paper is prepared having all the ingredients in it, the process for submission kicks off. Even if the thesis is well developed, if the submission guidelines are not followed, it becomes a matter of concern on the part of evaluator to accept. There are certain things which needs to be checked out before submission like:

  • The aspect of format
  • The way to present the thesis
  • The requisite paperwork
  • The way to submit.

Moreover, the submitting of thesis involves both in soft and hard version. Any issue related to submission, our experts will usher in favor of the academic purpose.

How to prepare for Viva Voce

PhD viva voce is the last hurdle to claim the research degree. In the academics of research, viva voce is imperative to prove one’s research credential. Until the thesis result is out, one can’t concentrate on anything except the preparation for viva voce. In this respect, mind is usually occupied with thoughts of how to face the viva voce. Once the result comes out, your confidence level would automatically surge. However, at the same time the worry of dealing personal question in the viva voce haunts. Performance in the viva voce is the ultimate goal and nothing matters at this juncture. The viva voce is instrumental in shaping the career, hence the concern. The preparation for viva voce should be as per the expectation of the concerned committee. Therefore, have a look at the requirements from the perspective of viva voce committee:

  • Research potential
  • Critical power of assimilation
  • Clear and logical exposition
  • Variety and depth of research interest
  • Ability for research cohesion
  • Research integrity.

Proving these attributes could be an uphill task for a researcher. In this regard, our expert provide the guidance involving the following:

  • To comprehend the question
  • To impress the board with your grasp over research
  • To reflect true potential
  • To analyze research issues, etc.

As a result, researcher could able to present effectively for every questions asked in the viva voce.

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