Journal Formatting

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Journal Formating

Journal Formatting and editing is an important. Stark Technovision does complete journal formatting and editing according to the journal requirement.

We have an experience in handling all types of journals. Our expertise worked with different journals including Springer, Oxford, Elsevier, science direct and many more. Further, Stark Technovision also provide certificate courses in editing and proof reading.

  • Formatting the complete manuscript including Tables and Figures according to the author's guidelines of the journal.
  • Margin and line spacing also take care during formatting process.
  • Figures, paragraphs and texts are arranged according to required guidelines.

A final check to catch remaining errors is done in proof reading service. Thesis India identify indisputable errors using standard proof readers marks.

  • Formatting errors, punctuation, spelling and grammar
  • word breaks, page breaks, footers and headers check
  • Layout and other elements of design are checked
  • Revise texts into well-written English
  • Convey your ideas succinctly
  • Copy edit your text for clarity
  • Proof-read grammar, etc.
  • Correct the use of English idioms
  • Address individual needs
  • Reflect appropriate academic standards
  • Follow the tone or style given

If you would like to an avail journal editing service, please make sure to submit your journal's author guidelines. If you are also not aware of the best journal, you use our expertise to look for best journal.