PhD Manuscript

Stark Technovision Supports for Preparing Research Documentation as per Candidate's Expectations and University/Journals Guidelines.


A Manuscript is an effective tool that can direct towards research publications. It is like a map and also an unpublished outcome of the research work. A clear and concise manuscript ready for publication in national or international journal with high impact factor will definitely draw attention of its publishers.

Manuscript Presentation:

A Manuscript has to adhere to a strict criterion and should follow the format that will enable itself to be presented for further investigations or modifications.

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Materials & Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Acknowledgments
  • Literature Cited
  • Tables (if appropriate)
  • Figures (if appropriate)

Why to publish your manuscript

Publishing a manuscript is a gratifying act and every research scholar vies for it. Manuscript comprising research study and its findings is known to concerned researcher and supervisor only. However, the research world is unaware of your new theory or knowledge or any such related information. Publishing is the one platform, which would give you maximum exposure. If the research contribution is significant, you would be hailed as one of the prominent scholars in the concerned community. Here the significance of research study meant for publication meets two purposes. First one is, it adds to the knowledge economy. Secondly, the findings allow other researcher to focus on further study.

Therefore, the question is how the research community would notice your findings; when the same is disseminated through leading journals. Journals in context to research are crucial to make the research knowledge or findings reachable to a wider community. Therefore, research articles are submitted for publication. After due approval, the manuscript in shorter version comes to the limelight and the concerned researcher gets overwhelming response. Don’t you want your name in the journal, when you go to a book store or newspaper vendor in the locality? This is a dream and proud movement that you have contributed something to the academic and research community.

However, publishing the manuscript is not as easy as it seems. The publication house measures the manuscript on the basis of merit. Whether the content is worth of publishing; for which it should meet the criteria of publishing house including the format and style. Concerned editor assess the validity of article written for publication before make it allow to do so. Finally, manuscript published in a journal speaks volume about the caliber of research and it assists in employment opportunities as well. The more is the publication the more is the recognition, leading to start off a fabulous career.