PhD Pilot Study

Doctorate Pilot Study

Pilot study which is also otherwise known as feasibility study in research field is of immense significance in academics. It is actually, a preliminary study conducted by the researcher before resorting to full-fledged study in a large scale.

To get the clarity and comprehend the research work, this study is conducted on a small scale basis. This limited scale study ideates about the advantages and disadvantages of the study including cost and time factor. Through this, potential difficulties could be avoided and fixed to streamline the process of research study.

Advantages of PhD Doctorate Pilot Study

  • whether it is feasible to gather all the necessary information required for the research study so as to make it effective
  • To deal with the problems involved in logistics
  • how for does this study affects the respondents
  • it facilitates to weed out the upheavals and accordingly to initiate the necessary steps

Doing PhD is no doubt has its value in academics and requires years of time to accomplish. But, doing the research and not getting the desired outcome would mar the career. Hence, insightful thoughts regarding the research study do necessitate going for a pilot study for smooth sailing. To achieve this, pilot study also requires developing research questions and research plan need to be developed carefully.

Techniques involving pilot study

As a result, it allows assessing the nature of variables and formulating hypothesis including identifying the problem areas.

Again, what are the resources required and accordingly the researcher needs to be equipped before embarking on original research. Whatever may be the area of research, but pilot study has the efficacy to deliver tangible result. If the mechanism of this study is strategically put in practice, it will yield in terms of significant cost savings, to assess the sample base, and a host of related advantages.

Are you pursuing PhD? Want to work in your research area? Then it is difficult to achieve the same from the comfortable zone of sitting at the desk. Therefore, go to the field and dirt your hand and do the necessary pilot study. Generating questionnaire for pilot study and how to go after it is not a big deal to be concerned provided you seek help from the experts of Stark Technovision. After all their years of pilot study assumption in practice, have helped many in yearning accolades and applause.

Services Available

  • PhD doctorate pilot study
  • PhD pilot study questionnaire designing
  • PhD doctorate pilot study statistical analysis
  • DBA thesis pilot study results
  • DEd thesis Pilot study statistical data analysis
  • DPhil thesis Pilot Study statistical data analysis

Unique features of Stark Technovision

  • Knife-cut research methodology suited for your study
  • Extraordinary pilot study support from designing to data analysis
  • Experienced executives for data collection of pilot study
  • Qualified statisticians for analyzing your pilot study data
  • Customized pilot study designing and clarifications about pilot study
  • Customized topic selection based on your supervisor/guide suggestions.


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