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Poster presentation too, unlike power point tool has been in use and forms one of the mediums to present certain topics in a seminar presentation. In other words, it is the snapshot of study done during the research, needs presentation to a wide range of audience. Candidates pursuing PhD degree do require the medium of poster presentation to deliver the research study pictorially. There are certain guidelines if adhered, then it shapes into a good poster presentation. Those are: define the purpose, pitching the presentation in less time, good title, good paper poster with unique features, lay out and format and important content.

The posters, which are going to be displayed, should be in such a way that it needs immediate attention and should engage the audience in discussion. As you know famous adage, 'face speaks louder than words', truly holds good here. Poster should do the talks by just overlooking it, even if the message is communicated orally. Means what is the impact of poster and how it persuades the audience about the research findings. To start with, poster presentation requires a good title to appeal. A poster requires good quality paper with other stationery materials to add value to the presentation needs. There is certain dimension, border, color, graphics, etc needed to design the poster; for this it requires a lot of time and the skill to do so. Here the font, size, color of the content matters to make the presentation visible to all those present in the seminar or conference. Main purpose is to convey the message with clarity of thought and expression with economic of words. It shows that, poster presentation should not be in short or in large numbers but a mediocre to redefine the process of presentation. Since poster presentation requires more time and the skill of a seasoned artist, usually the research students rely on professional service to meet the exigency of seminar.


Our in-house experts are blend of two kinds of people; technically trained poster makers and subject matter experts. Therefore, when anybody approaches for poster presentation help, these people work in combination to meet the objective of seminar. They know how to make the presentation super-effective with the aim to get standing ovation from the concerned evaluator. The content, graphics, text, border remains in mind of the audience for a long period, even after the end of seminar. This shows what the experts are capable of and thus helped scores of research students. Those who have got the taste of service rendered by these people are coming back time and again. This showcases the highlights of experts which could be exploited to get full advantages

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Research scholars, who want to convey certain topic in seminar, could avail the service of poster presentation prepared by the wizards. Any scholar on any discipline and from any country could approach for poster presentation help. Due care would be taken care of, as per the requirement of content specific poster presentation need.

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We have trained telephonic representatives understand the value of poster presentation in a seminar and conference. They will make sure to deliver the requirement in time, whatever poster assignment is assigned. These people are just a call away to reply the needs of clients. Otherwise e-mail is another added option to look out for any queries. To provide service with ease, the concerned people are doing their duties round 'o' clock.