PhD Proofreading Services

Get your Thesis Edited through our PhD Editors and Experts in Technical Writing.
The Resourses of Stark Technovision comprise of professional editors with years of expertise in this field. We ensure to offer error-free and grammatically sound thesis for your PhD with an Assurance to make you Successful.

Proof Reading

Writing thesis is the utmost importance in the academics for those pursuing PhD in various disciplines. But what is more important is approval by the thesis committee than mere writing and submission. Stark Technovision has a team of experts who are specialized in editing and proof reading your thesis can help you at this part.

There are so many things that constitute to make a thesis complete in every regard for approval. A few of those things is the entire content requires free of

  • Errors in grammars
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Sentence structure

In short, these pitfalls in content require infusion of proof reading and editing mechanisms. Once these things are sorted out it becomes easy to get through the evaluators' hawk-eye to get the thesis approved.

The nature of proof reading and editing in a whole is to fix the mistakes. While looking at the editing parts, there are certain checklists the writer must be aware of such as shown below in the figure.

Editing for the content Editing for structure Editing for the style
If the research finding is truly answered If the theme is addressed properly Consistency of style throughout the content
How for the evidences are defended Accurate identification of thesis statement Sentence construction is coherent or varied
In-depth exploration of research topic Logical order of paragraphs Usage of active voice rather than passive
If the thesis contains insights Linking of each point to next one in sequence Avoidance of too many adjectives, adverb, and right tone
Appropriate use of introduction and conclusion If the paragraphs are too long or too short Inclusion of quotation
Presence of topic sentence in each paragraph or not Conveying the passion, enthusiasm, and interest
Visibility of structure in terms of introduction, body, and conclusion and its impact

Proofreading Services

Proofreading for language Proofreading for format
Spell check Title page matching to instruction
Grammar check Double space
Subject and verb agreement Times roman 12 point format or as per the institutional requirement
completion of each sentence
Correct reference of pronouns
Repetition of words

Proofreading for punctuation Proofreading for citations and references
Use of commas while expression of two different thoughts clearly in a sentence Citation of all the sources and ideas
After the introductory words and phrases Citation of all the sources and ideas
After the introductory words and phrases In-text citation
Around parenthetical statements Parenthetical citation
Reference page formatted properly or not
Follow of style guide

Unique features of Stark Technovision

  • High quality work with unlimited revisions support
  • Proof reading and editing experts in your subject
  • Updated referencing style followed using software for easy switch over from one style to another
  • Eye-to-eye detail on each and every character
  • Customized formatting guidelines followed for every project