PhD Statistics Analysis

Get the Comprehensive Support for Analytics Statistics, Tools Implementation and Emperical Study with Subject Experties for Your Research Objectives.

Textual Data Analysis

Quantitative analysis in educational research is sought for to make an attempt to quantify a problem. Data collected in research is churned through the statistical and mathematical tools for analysis. Some of the ways for data collection are

To deal with the data, software package like SPSS is helpful for the necessary computation. What requires on the part of a PhD researcher are

Usage of these skills facilitates to get quantitative answer, numerical change, to get the state of something, and in measuring hypothesis. Scientific method is used in quantitative research analysis for which the design requires

  • observation of unknown things
  • explanation to the observation based on hypothesis
  • predicting the result
  • data processing
  • verify the findings for final conclusion

Nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio are a few terms used in quantitative research for analysis. In spite of having limited sample size, it becomes easy to analyze data tabulation, data disaggregation, descriptive data, moderate, and advanced analytical methods. In addition to this, another beauty this analysis facilitates in segregation of obscured factors and verifying those which are in use time and again.

Statistics Analysis

Stark Technovision has an expertise in handling

  • SPSS software
  • SAS
  • EpiInfo and other software.

We also conduct courses for handling SPSS along with the interpretation writing of your statistical analysis output. This training course is designed by professionals and course will be conducted at our centre or through video conferencing facility.