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Be it Engineering, Science & Tech., or Humanities, Medicine or marketing, we can prepare perfect conference papers as well as Journals for getting your Research recognised by the academic world

Research is "the application of the scientific approach to the study of a problem" (Ary et al., 1990, p. 22) to acquire reliable knowledge. The knowledge from the research is disseminated through avenues such as conferences, books and journal papers. Dissemination of knowledge through conference is done through proceedings. Further publishing books also a good source of information but it's outdated in a particular research. Moreover books are also published under commercial value and hence publishing the work through journals offer good potential to researcher as it can able to provide up to date research. In order to accept and get published in research journals, researcher should have up to date knowledge of the field and familiarity with writing research papers. Writing academic article demands cutting edge knowledge in their field of study. Replicating research unless there is a there is a justification on how the phenomenon might be different due to contextual factors, may not represent a "me too" syndrome. Stark Technovision guides you in writing journal articles and also editing proof reading and formatting.