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About Us

Who we are ?

Eduplexus, a global Academia-corporate platform facilitating diverse and broad services for academic related professionals, institutions and individuals, is lead by highly experienced, enthusiast entrepreneurs and technocrats with the ultimate goal to centralize global academic arena on a single globally recognized academia-corporate platform to enhance the quality of education with the assured satisfaction and shinning tomorrow.

We proudly introduce our self as the world best global educational portal, committed to provide world class quality oriented and authenticated information sharing, globalization and genuine service router point for all sorts of educational requirements.

Eduplexus serves in the field of institutional information sharing, coordination and counseling, facilitating with recent educational activities globally with your own specific requirements, proving you the best path for selection from the mass service providers and possibilities, monitoring and ensuring every academic related requirements. The predominant facilities provided are in globalization of institutional information, research and development services globalization, technical activities extraction, institutional software development, maintenance and customization, placement oriented online examination and global profiling, routing for the best service providers, publication and resource extraction for different academia-corporate activities and globalization of allied organizations or individuals based on their real face and facts.

Eduplexus also represents its sister companies, Stark Technovision and Edumegamart where the later is dedicated to serve you a single click service for educational requirement like Books, stationeries, magazines, e-Books, Research Papers, Technical/Non Technical Books, research/Lab Devices and institutional appliances at your doorstep.

Eduplexus possess legal and transparent relations with academic related service providers that commit to serve customers with the best possible Quality of Service and even without compromising with your expectations and intellectual quality.

Our Mission

"To facilitate transparent and authenticated Academia-corporate global platform with the goal for enrich the quality of education with most optimum productivity and globalization"

Our Vision

"Our vision is to provide the world best global platform that could optimize the productivity of organizations or individuals with the assured quality of services and a promise to make your path lucid and flourish your profession with the shinning tomorrow"

Why Eduplexus?

  • It represents world’s best Global Academia-corporate platform for presenting real face and facts of Institutions and organizations
  • The only Global platform facilitating authenticated, transparent and genuine information for your every academic related requirements
  • A sole platform providing globalization, services, routing to the best service providers and optimizing your overall potential to make you the real leader.
  • A single platform dedicated to serve every service segments for educational requirements
  • Presents world’s first platform possessing legal understanding between different academic service segments and service providers with assurance for delivering the best services.
  • We deliver your requirements with best possible and efficient manner with on time delivery assurance in an economical way.
  • We promise to lead you towards zenith without compromising with your intellectual expectations.
  • Eduplexus always targets to monitor and deliver your requirements with optimized Quality of service and solutions.