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The data needs to be transformed into a masterpiece through analytical skills for the interpretation of the outcome derived by experimentation or investigation.The data collected has to be initiated using appropriate and apt methods pertaining to the study conducted. It can be grouped into the following:

The Characteristics of data collection will comprise


It is the reference for which the tool is purposed to fulfil.


It is the dependability of the tool when used should be able to provide with consistent values with repeated set of similar incidences.


It should be free from influencing factors and remain unaltered.


It should yield itself useful at time constraints also.


The tool should be easy to administer, collect, interpret the data obtained on administering it.


The researcher and the end user to which the tool is administered should be able to cover the entire procedure with ease.


The statistical analysis of data includes the collection, analysing and interpretation of the data that been obtained. Among the many fields statistics is used, the biostatistics terminology applies to biological and other life sciences. Statistical analysis is an important aspect of a doctoral thesis or dissertation. Stark Technovision is an expert in providing the best statisticians to work on starting from the development of tools to analysis and interpretation of results with the professional presentation of the obtained data in the best for suitable and apt for the study.

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Stark Technovision supports qualified PhD candidates for development of tools including questionnaire, collection of data statistical analysis by also using statistical software link AMOS ,LISTERS,SAS,SPSS software of which it is an expert. Stark Technovision also supports scholars by providing with the latest up-to-date training courses designed by professional at the center and also through video conference facility. Our expert statisticians will not only formulate the statistical analysis for your PhD paper but also clear your doubts and help you in problem solving and also conduct sessions in understanding the concepts of the statistical analysis.