PhD Power Calculation

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Sample & Power Calculation

It becomes practically impossible to reach everybody for collecting data and making an inference, required for a research study. Hence the need of sample size comes into picture especially in a quantitative research. Determining the sample size depends on the kind of research work; small size may not yield the desired result and if big size is opted, it becomes expensive. It's quite challenging but achievable through the statistical methodology and its application to steer clear the dilemma of sample size calculations.

Out of those tools, the prominent are confidence interval and confidence level. Confidence interval is about margin of error and revolves around plus and minus figure. Confidence level, as the word suggests how for there is surety and represented as percentage.

Factors that affect confidence intervals are sample size, percentage, and population size. Sample size is about number of respondents and their responses in a research study. Percentage exhibits about the accuracy of sample and population size is number of participants in a group.

While determining the sample size, the researcher must understand the factors of

  • Time
  • Money
  • Accessibility

On these bases, the calculation of sample size is taken into account to proceed in research study. Though, there are chances of occurrence of errors, but the effort should be how to marginalize it.

Candidates in their respective PhD degree too require the margin of error, thus yielding desired outcome. Calculation is not limited to simply put the formula, but sample size requires more than this. Therefore, the framework for calibrating sample size requires experts and their aptly applied statistical calculation. This is what Stark Technovision source equips those, who are not sound in calculation. As a result, you can focus on the research work with tailor-made assistance from the experts. If statistical calculation becomes the obstacle, then get it solved and get the desired outcome easily.

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