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Narrating a story or view point or any valuable information is no longer restricted to texts. The presenter wants to communicate effectively for which pictures or images are very vital. Thus, texts along with pictures have been the theme for effective presentation. This is the reason, academic researchers are in need of illustrations to put across their research findings to deliver the same with the aspect of quality. Same is the perspective for an industry into any products or services. Projecting a product through artistic illustration won’t go unnoticed and will do wonders for advertising. Rather mesmerized by the illustration, it will spur the viewer to have more insights. This is a fine way to make an impact to the concerned persons or customers.This is how the need of illustration for visual presentation matters and its significance to enhance the quality of product or service. After all, illustration helps in influencing and conveying the message accurately and highlight the things which need to be presented.

Basics of Illustrations

Visual creativeness has been the rage among research scholars to provide research information graphically. As it has the potential to draw the attention of the reader, its use has been significant even for the industries into products or services to advertise. The need of illustrations is highly sought by those into research study in technical and medical arena of academics. Technical students at higher echelons of academics have the opportunity to present their research study in the form of illustrations through:

  • 4-color
  • 2-color
  • Line

Similarly medical students could present the illustrations in various modes such as:

  • Photorealistic
  • 4-color
  • 2-color
  • Line

In addition to these, the concerned researcher further adds the means of graphics, arts, and image publishing features in order to present with clarity and precision.

Beneficial aspects of presenting in Illustrations

Since it is already discussed that, research study needs to be presented through various types of illustrations. The main concern in this respect is how to get the study maximum exposure and impact to the world of research community. Thus, images or drawings, anything which comes under the purview of illustrations acts as complement to the written content. As a result, comprehending the study becomes easier whoever goes through the research paper. The industries manufacturing any products or rendering any services could also reach the customers to convey the benefits of service or products through creative illustrations. Advertising the products gets a finer solution to communicate for presenting the concept. In this respect, flash animation entailing with the feature of 2D and 3D images is enough from advertising and marketing perspective.

Advantages of 3D Illustration

The process involving creation of images and animation is done in three-dimensional mode, a portion of computer graphics. In this regard, the advantage is to present the information through:

  • 3D Modelling
  • 3D Rendering
  • 3D Visualization
  • Photorealistic Artwork

All these things featuring in the academic paper makes a tremendous impact as it assists in generating amazing visual effect. Consider the case of a medical student who wants to present human anatomy. Simple image of a human won’t go well in understanding the details. However, if the same is presented through 3D illustration, reader would able to explore the anatomy while spotlighting the interiors in accurate. For instance, go through this

This reflects the advantages of illustration in presenting the medical concepts. Technical students too could leverage the advantages of 3D illustration in favor their academic goal.

Technical Illustration

To easily grab the attention and have better understanding over the concept, the demand of illustration has been highly sought after among researchers and industries. Sometimes the written line fails to impress or convey the message; in this sphere, illustrations are used to meet the purpose of conveying the requisite knowledge or information. As human being, we have tendency to grasp the visual presentation as compared to oral or written text. Hence, the field and discipline of technical and engineering also requires the aid of illustration to put the message across the board accurately and convincingly. For instance, consider the case of education of children. He or she comes to be aware of the facts or surroundings through the assistance of illustrations only. Same is the case for those pursuing technology and engineering in academics. Engineering as a discipline involves more practicality along with the theory for teaching and understanding. In this case, students understand easily any theory or concept; if it is displayed in terms of images, animations, or any form of visual presentations. Look at the visual presentation below:

Therefore, those who are into technical educations, require theoretically accentuated illustrations to make the task of teaching and understanding easier. Another area in the field of engineering or technology needs the attention of illustration to advertise and market products. Be it, advertising on the internet or commercials through television or billboards; the concept of illustration is common to all to disseminate the message effectively and to make an impact on viewers. It is due to the creation of lifelike visual impact through various techniques involving illustration.

Medical Illustration

The usage of illustration is wide pervasive in almost all industries and disciplines, we come across. Be it education, health, market, product, or services; the medium of illustration is accurately responsible for propagating the message containing useful information. The field of medical is no exception to it. In this regard, the purpose of illustration could be for:

  • Medical books
  • Clinical photography
  • Medical instruments
  • Graphic service for patient care
  • Medical research
  • Diagnosis and treatment of disease, etc.

Therefore, it reflects those who are into medical book publishing, manufacturers of medical aids and instruments, health care organizations, health clinics, etc require illustration to meet their business and marketing objectives. The modes of illustrations are in terms of:

  • Drawings
  • Diagrams
  • Hand sketches
  • Computer generated themes

Consider the case of a healthcare clinic. Here the illustration will meet so many purposes while adding insights to a specific disease or for administering treatment to the patient. Healthcare professionals working in the clinic would able to correlate the theory of treatment through the visual effects. Patients too will come to understand the types of treatment, the way treatment is done, the necessary precautions, and so on. Pharmaceutical companies which are producing drugs also rely on illustration for product logo or animation attribute to market any new medicines or any such thing having importance to treatment. Similarly, government organizations in medical field could create health awareness through various illustrations or animated pictures. Illustrations make sure to convince the people with ease for which those are meant for. We have the experienced medical illustrators to create splendidly designed illustrations having the potential to improve the communication, to market a product, advertising a medical product or drugs, etc. Whatever may be the purpose, but we do ensure providing customized illustrations with far reaching benefits.

Statistics Illustration

Statistics as a discipline basically meets the purpose of scientific enquiry or investigating a certain thing or fact-finding probe in a research study. Conclusion or inference is the major thing in any research study to understand the fundamental concept or reason behind any issue. Therefore, this thing is ensured through statistical data analysis. Whenever any issue is analyzed statistically, it requires stating or presenting in written text. However, it might not convince a reader to understand the concepts accurately. Hence, it requires graphical presentation in support of the statistical data analysis for better understanding. The application of statistics in industry and commerce is the backbone not only in marketing the product or services, but also to gain the competitive advantage over competitors. In fact, this discipline is the lifeblood of commerce. Thus the concerned persons use statistics to their advantage for estimating the demand for their product or services. Moreover, it becomes important to have the insight over the size and volume of business. These things though could be explained in content, yet might not make an impact or might be an issue in understanding the business process or marketing strategies. Hence, it requires presenting the facts through statistical illustrations through graphs and charts. Illustration has the potential to convey the statistical information involving any numerical changes and interpreting the concerned phenomenon. Here s a sample illustration on statistics.

There are so many aspects that the corporates need to solving issues such as prices, product features, wages, distribution, consumption, supply, etc. Everything requires the edge of statistics involving research studies. As per your requirement, the illustrations could be presented in terms of one-dimensional, two-dimensional, three-dimensional, pictograms, cartograms, and so on. As a result, it assists the concerned authority in industry or business to make necessary changes to business strategy or marketing activity.

How we assist in making of illustrations

If you are in need of creating illustration for any of your work, you can rely on our expert illustrators. As per the targeted audience, our experts will generate the necessary visual appeals in order to promote a product and gain more insights over it. They have panache for generating exquisitely designed illustrations as per requirement. Moreover, they know to add the element of sensuality, mystique, and vivacious colors as per the theme of illustration. The artistic talent with visualization potential of illustrators is instrumental in delivering the illustrations to various corporate entities Thus, it would enable the concerned persons in their respective discipline to enhance the quality of the product or concept or information. Similarly, academic students of various organizations in need of presenting the statistical or medical or technical data and the aspect of analysis could depend on our expert illustrators to generate attractive and impressive illustrations. Consult us for any information related to technical, medical or statistical illustration services.