PhD Tool Development

Get a Genuine Research Support and Quality Enriched Guidance for System Development, Algorithmic Implementation, System Enhancement and Simulation for Your Expected Research Work.

Tool Development

Stark Technovision has experts in handling survey development tools especially for marketing scales.

The following are the areas Stark Technovision focus upon:

  • Interpersonal orientation scales
  • Need and preferences and self concept scales
  • Consumer compulsiveness and impulsiveness scales
  • Country image and affiliation scales
  • Materialism and possession / objects scales
  • Environmentalism and social responsible consumption scales
  • General values scales
  • Consumer social influence scales
  • Innovativeness scales
  • Opinion leadership and seeking scales
  • Country image and affiliation scale
  • Price perception scale
  • Time usage scale and household roles
  • Styles in the market place scale
  • Purchasing involvement scale
  • Product class scale
  • Business practices and marketing scales
  • Post purchase behaviour: consumer discontent
  • Business ethics
  • Business attitudes towards the market place
  • Job satisfaction measures
  • Other scales...

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